Roofing Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Roofing Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Roofing Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CAAs a roofing defects lawyer Newport Beach, California has to offer, we have handled a large number of roofing defect claims. In fact, these types of cases represent a significant amount of construction defect claims as a whole. Failure to address and repair a roof defect in a timely manner can be costly, or even hazardous.


Typically a homeowner or business owner discovers a defective roof after damage has already begun. A roofing defect could be grounds for a construction defect claim depending on the factors and circumstances involved. To learn more you can speak with a roofing defects lawyer Newport Beach, CA residents trust for legal advice.


Newport Beach, CA Roofing Defects Lawyer Terry Mudge, LLP Litigates Cases for Clients Who Have Discovered a Roofing Defect

We at Terry Mudge, LLP have years of experience and knowledge about construction defects, including those that involve a roof. We’ve fought and won thousands of cases and would like to do the same for you. Although many homeowners will try to mitigate a roof defect on their own, or with periodic inspections, the damage can continue to increase if it is not addressed and rectified. Some of the most common reasons for a roof defect to occur include:

  • Poor installation
  • Low-quality materials
  • Poor workmanship
  • Defective roofing materials


It is important to understand the difference between a standard roof repair or a defective roof; diagnosing this should be left to a licensed technician. Some examples of common roof repairs include:

  • Cracked shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Worn flashings
  • Loose seams
  • Cracked paint on the ceiling of the interior structure
  • Peeling wallpapers
  • Discolored plasterboard


Types of Roofing Defects

A defective roof system can damage personal property, interior framing, ceiling, paint, drywall, and other parts of a building’s structure. Usually, this damage is due to water intrusion which can also cause molds and fungi to propagate. As a roofing defects lawyer in Newport Beach, CA, we have known of cases that involve defects such as:

  • Misaligned, overexposed, or improperly lapped roof tiles
  • Broken or chipped tiles or shingles
  • Loose or sliding roofing
  • Roofing felt fails to cover the roof
  • Deteriorating roofing
  • Metal cut too short
  • Open gaps at the flashing joints
  • Using the wrong nails; thereby causing corrosion
  • Improper flashing installation near the skylight or chimney saddles

Prior to hiring a roofing repair expert to fix the problem, or inspect the roof, you should ensure that you:

  • Check the references of the contractor
  • Ask the contractor for proof of insurance and tax ID
  • Talk about their services, materials used, and whether there are warranties available


If you have a defective roof and you have experienced a roofing defective, there are several ways to take care of the problem. Usually, a brief investigation of the roof and structure will need to be made to determine what your best course of action may be. If the damage is severe, it is recommended that you consult a roofing defects lawyer Newport Beach, CA offers.


For help with your roofing defect claim, please call a  roofing defects lawyer Newport Beach, CA can rely on. Call Terry Mudge, LLP.