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A certain measure of risk is unavoidable in business. However, reducing one’s risk makes good business sense and a risk transfer lawyer serving Newport Beach, California can help. For instance, insurance contracts are one tried and true method of reducing risk. Terry Mudge, LLP focuses on ways in which to decrease our clients’ risk factor and solidify their financial future. Everyone’s needs are different because everyone’s circumstances are unique due to the many variables involved. We encourage individuals to consult with a risk transfer lawyer for Newport Beach, CA to find out how we can help. To this end, we provide the initial consultation at no charge. After your case review you may gain a greater understanding of how best to move forward with improving your risk factor.


How does risk transfer work?

When you get an insurance policy, you agree to pay a premium to the insurance carrier usually monthly or every six months. In exchange, the insurance carrier will indemnify you up to a certain dollar amount if you suffer a loss. Insurance policies are legally binding contracts. In essence, an insurance policy passes the risk from the policy holder to the insurance company. For example, if you have a homeowner’s insurance policy which includes fire damage coverage, the insurance carrier accepts the risk of your house burning down and the subsequent costs to rebuild it. When you work with a risk transfer lawyer in Newport Beach, CA from our firm, the process is very similar for businesses in how they can minimize their risk by transferring it to an insurance carrier.


Risk Management Legal Services Terry Mudge, LLP Provides

Our risk transfer lawyer in Newport Beach, CA provides a wide range of legal services in the area of risk management and insurance coverage. If your company is debating what types of coverage are necessary, and how much coverage is optimum. Depending on your needs, we can offer you any of the following:

  • Risk management guidance. A Newport Beach, CA risk transfer lawyer will review your company’s insurance coverage to determine if it is sufficient in all areas, or if there is more coverage than you need.
  • Liability insurance. Our firm will provide guidance as to your company’s general liability, professional liability, officers and directors, pollution legal liability, errors and omissions, and other matters of concern as they pertain to your core competencies.
  • Insurance coverage litigation. If your company has an outstanding claim from another party, a risk transfer lawyer in Newport Beach, CA can represent your company to indemnify, defend, appeal, or settle the claim or lawsuit.
  • Defense monitoring and guidance. Your company’s insurance policy may include reimbursement of your attorney’s fees in defending your claim. A lawyer can help you in getting those fees paid by your insurance carrier.
  • Analyzation of alternate insurance coverage options. A trusted risk transfer lawyer working in Newport Beach, CA will analyze the claim against your company to determine if there are other options for coverage rather than your company’s policy.


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If you would like to know more about why professionals recognize us for our quality legal services and find out your company’s options for risk management, contact Terry Mudge, LLP. We will schedule a free consultation between you and a Newport Beach, CA risk transfer lawyer, so take the first step in securing your business’s future and call us today!