Real Estate Transaction Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Real Estate Transaction Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

When Real Estate Conflicts Lead to Litigation, Call a Real Estate Transaction Lawyer Newport Beach, CA Trusts

Real Estate Transaction Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

When it comes to real estate litigation, you will want a real estate transaction lawyer Newport Beach, CA residents count on at Terry Mudge, LLP to represent you and fight for your side of the dispute. Such a proceeding can get overwhelming very quickly. It can also be difficult trying to weave through the legal and real estate lingo. By having a legal professional work for your behalf, it can make the process much easier. We have been dedicated to protecting tenants, landlords, renters, buyers and sellers for many years. Here in the article to follow, we have gone into further depth about the many ways a real estate conflict can lead to the necessity of litigation.

Topics of Real Estate Litigation

At Terry Mudge, LLP, a Newport Beach, CA real estate transaction lawyer who is experienced in handling a variety of real estate issues can work for you. Litigation can resolve problems that two parties are unable to find a solution for themselves. When it comes to real estate, there are many reasons in which litigation may be needed. The most common topics of real estate litigation can include the following:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Sales Agreements
  • Encroachments
  • Trespassing
  • Landlord/Tenant Disagreements
  • Land Use Issues
  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Duty
  • Implied Warranties
  • Failure to Disclose Defect

How Conflicts Arise in Real Estate Purchases

When a buyer invests in purchasing a home, they may anticipate having to make some minor adjustments and improvements to the property. But when there are very serious surprises, a buyer may consider filing for litigation. Here are a few instances where litigation over transactions and retaining a real estate transaction lawyer in Newport Beach, CA may be necessary.

    1. Failure of Seller to Fully Disclose – A seller is required to provide certain disclosures to an interested buyer. Unfortunately, the seller may try to hide certain problems if they know it may discourage people from buying. If the seller blatantly lies when creating statements or disclosures regarding the condition of the home, it can lead to serious conflict.
    2. Faulty Repairs from a Non-Professional – A seller may try to save money by promising a potential buyer to fix certain problems, but then not hiring an actual professional to do the job. This can result in faulty improvements or a mistake being made. Issues can arise from trying to cut corners and may even affect the property value.
    3. Vague Contracts – A legitimate contract must be clear with minimal use of broad statements. The buyer must be able to fully comprehend what is written in the contract. An attorney at Terry Mudge, LLP can help you evaluate whether the contract is legitimate, or if the contract is written improperly.

There are many disputes that can arise when it comes to real estate, including contracts, tenant and landlord issues, noise complaints, and more. Having a knowledgeable real estate transaction lawyer serving Newport Beach, CA at Terry Mudge, LLP can help you avoid these potential conflicts by reading over a real estate contract. Additionally, we can offer representation and strategy if you are getting prepared to go through real estate litigation. Reach out today to speak to a friendly customer service representative, to schedule your first free consultation with a real estate transaction lawyer Newport Beach, CA trusts.

Do I need a real estate transaction lawyer in Newport Beach, CA?

Terry Mudge, LLP,’s real estate practice in Newport Beach, CA includes a lawyer who is available to assist with the transaction process on request. We handle nearly any real estate transaction from abstracts to zoning issues. In addition, we counsel clients in the purchase, development, building construction, and sale of real estate holdings. When issues arise such as environmental concerns, permitting, or liability concerns, our real estate transaction lawyer is available to the Newport Beach, CA community. In addition, our skilled and experienced legal team handles the following types of cases:

  • Drafts and reviews of loan applications and agreements
  • Securing of financing for real estate transactions
  • Title examination
  • Developer agreements and contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Lease and management agreement
  • Bond counsel

What types of clients does your real estate transaction lawyer in Newport Beach, CA represent?

Terry Mudge, LLP has and will continue to represent a wide range of clients. If your industry is not included in the following list, we encourage you to contact us regardless. Very likely, our real estate transaction lawyer in Newport Beach, CA will be able to assist you:

  • Banks
  • Developers
  • Insurance companies
  • Mortgage companies
  • Title companies
  • Commercial and private borrowers
  • Landowners
  • Tenants

What advantages are offered by hiring an experienced real estate transaction lawyer in Newport Beach, CA?

There are many reasons why residents of Newport Beach, CA engage the legal services of our real estate transaction lawyer. In many instances, a general lawyer does not have the education or experience to handle real estate transactions because of the complexity and laws surrounding them. Real estate laws change frequently. Our real estate transaction lawyer stays abreast of all applicable laws as well as pending legislation that may affect Newport Beach, CA. An experienced and seasoned legal advocate can greatly minimize your financial risks.

What is a legal inspection of a real estate transaction?

One of the services offered by our real estate transaction lawyer in Newport Beach, CA are legal inspections. A legal inspection is a detailed review of any documents involved in your real estate transaction. That may include any or all of the following in terms of writing/drafting, editing, and reviewing:

  • Purchase agreement, otherwise known as the Agreement of Sale
  • The seller’s listing agreement
  • The agency agreement for the buyer
  • Title report
  • Mortgage documents
  • Settlement statement

Why is a legal inspection of a real estate transaction important?

Our real estate transaction lawyer in Newport Beach, CA can provide you with critical information that you might otherwise not learn in advance of an important purchase or sale. Here are several examples of what you can learn during a legal inspection:

  • An understanding of what, if any, terms of the Agreement of Sale are likely negotiable.
  • An understanding of your legal obligations after you sign off on the Agreement of Sale.
  • An understanding of whether or not a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement is required.
  • An understanding of who collects the earnest money (also referred to as the down payment).
  • An understanding of whether or not the amount of the earnest money is too much or too little.
  • An understanding of how a mortgage contingency may affect your real estate transaction.
  • An understanding of what a home inspection contingency is and your legal choices as a result.
  • An understanding of title insurance, a title commitment, and what is involved in a title encumbrance.
  • An understanding of the common issues that properties sold-by-owner may encounter.
  • An understanding of how to deal with structural issues, environmental issues, or other common problems that become known late in the process.

To learn more about the value of hiring a real estate transaction lawyer Newport Beach, CA residents recommend, call us today.