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Work With An Effective Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Newport Beach, CA Respects

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Newport Beach, CAAt the firm of Terry Mudge, LLP, you can expect to work with an experienced real estate litigation lawyer Newport Beach, CA residents respect and can represent tenants, landlords, buyers, sellers, lenders, and other parties in a broad range of litigation matters. From straightforward disputes between a tenant and landlord to complex arguments over a purchase and sale contract we know how to analyze the situation, identify innovative strategies, and create a sophisticated arrangement for our clients.

If you would like to know more information about our real estate litigation services, or have a question about a dispute you are involved in, please call Terry Mudge, LLP.


Our Real Estate Litigation Services

For many years, we have put a great deal of focus on disputes evolving from a lease or sale of a commercial property. We also have handled a large number of residential real estate matters that could not be settled between the individual parties. Our practice is backed by a team of skilled Newport Beach, CA real estate litigation lawyers, paralegals, and staff, who are passionate, dedicated, and ready to provide you with an optimal experience.

Terry Mudge, LLP has represented thousands of clients in the Newport Beach, CA area and beyond who are facing dispute issues such as:


Termination of a Lease – There are a number of reasons for which a tenant or landlord might wish to terminate a lease before the contract is up. These could include relocation plans, financial troubles, below or above average rental price, undesirable tenants, and so forth. Whether you are the landlord pressing to terminate a lease or tenants being asked to leave before your lease is up, we can help you identify legal grounds for terminations and discuss what options might be available to you.


Rent Escalation, Utility Charges, and Other Fees – One of the biggest disputes between landlords and tenants is when the landlord makes an attempt to pass through operating costs, taxes, utilities, and other fees onto the tenants. We understand how to review lease escalation clauses and may be able to challenge the fees you are being asked to pay.


Lease Term Disputes – Many of our clients have a real estate litigation dispute regarding the lease terms and the inability for the landlord to adhere to what is laid out within the agreement.


Contract Disputes – It is possible for a litigation dispute to arise during a sale and closure of a property. Whether there has been a breach, termination, or cancellation of a real estate contract we can help.


Foreclosure – If you are involved in a mechanic lien or commercial foreclosure you may want to speak with our real estate litigation lawyers in Newport Beach, CA for further advice about whether or not there are any alternative solutions.


In addition to the following, a real estate litigation lawyer in Newport Beach, CA can assist in:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Sale contracts
  • Lease and sublease agreements
  • Mortgages
  • Financing
  • Zoning
  • Land use
  • Construction contracts
  • Construction litigation
  • Contractor termination
  • State and local government contracts
  • + More


We Represent Commercial and Residential Clients

Regardless of the dispute you are dealing with, we encourage you to contact the real estate litigation lawyers at Terry Mudge, LLP. During a complimentary consultation we can discuss your circumstances and let you know what options you might have. Please call to schedule your consultation with a real estate litigation lawyer Newport Beach, CA trusts today!