Construction and Building Defect Litigation

Jonathan Terry and Carter Mudge are two of the foremost California lawyers in the areas of construction and construction defect litigation with over 55 years of experience dealing not only in the details of construction necessary to handle these claims, but also in the nuances of insurance and construction law and the construction business. We encourage every owner and builder to have their contract professionally reviewed before construction starts, because, as Robert Frost observed, a good fence makes a good neighbor and a strong contract that is understood by both parties makes for a successful project.

Our construction-related practice includes:

  • Negotiating contracts for homeowners and builders
  • Mid-project construction disputes
  • Insurance Coverage for defective construction
  • Construction defects
  • Deck failures
  • Slope failure cases
  • Concrete failures
  • Mold
  • Land subsidence
  • Complex multi-party actions