Plumbing Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Plumbing Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Plumbing Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CAConstruction defects, such as a plumbing defect, are typically not apparent – or at least right away. In fact, many of these defects can go unnoticed for years, even decades. Meanwhile, this defect is damaging your California home.


As a plumbing defects lawyer in Newport Beach, CA, our firm understands that these defects are not only costly, but they can cause extensive damage to the property. If your home or commercial building has been damaged because of a plumbing defect, please call a plumbing defects lawyer to explore your legal options.


Plumbing Defects Due to Poor Quality Materials and Supplies

Plumbing is associated with toilets, sewer, septic, mess, and smell. The thought of having to deal with a combination of these things can invoke annoyance and dread! If you are experiencing a plumbing defect, you should call your contractor right away to ensure the necessary steps are taken to fix the problem. However, this might not be possible. If this is true, or your contractor is denying the defect, you should call a Newport Beach, CA plumbing defect lawyer right away.


Common Plumbing Defects

Substandard Pipes – The intrusion of water in or around your home or building is generally an indicator of a larger problem with your plumbing. If a contractor used substandard pipes, leaking will typically be the first sign that something is not right. If a leak does not get fixed, the pipes could burst and cause extensive damage and/or flooding.


Poor Installation – Plumbing can be found throughout a home. If any of the facets have been installed wrong, there can be issues with the plumbing lines, toilet, showers, baths, sinks, faucets, hot water heaters, garden hose, and so forth.


Poor Toilets – As a plumbing defects lawyer, we believe this might be the worst issue you could have. A defective toilet or faulty plumbing attached to the toilet can leave a potential for flooding, clogging, constant water running, lack of water flowing, stoppage, and in a worst-case scenario, a very smelly mess.


Defective Drain System – Gurgling sounds are one of the first signs of a clogged drain. If the defect is not resolved, and the line becomes severely clogged, the entire plumbing system may be hindered.


Poor Quality – If any of the materials or supplies used in the plumbing system were of poor quality, defects may occur. These kinds of defects can be prevented before they even happen by talking with the contractor about the level of quality to be used in the structure.


Most of these issues should be found during the inspection or initial construction project. Sometimes they get overlooked and are only found after the plumbing system was in use.


Many homeowners insurance policies do not cover defective construction materials and this means that after a plumbing defect, your only course of action to recover damages may be to file a lawsuit.


Get Your Questions and Concerns Addressed by an Experienced Plumbing Defect Lawyer in Newport Beach, CA

Regardless of what the reason is for your defective plumbing, you should consult a plumbing defect lawyer Newport Beach, CA homeowners recommend for free legal advice. Contact Terry Mudge, LLP today to find out how we can help.