Mold Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Mold Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

So you discovered mold in your home or building – now what?

Mold Lawyer Newport Beach, CAThe first thing you should do when you find mold in your home or building is to call a mold lawyer Newport Beach, California has to offer. A lawyer will ask you specific questions regarding your own circumstances and help you to understand what steps you should take next. For a consultation with a knowledgeable, experienced mold lawyer in Newport Beach, CA, please call Terry Mudge, LLP.


Understanding Mold

Mold is microscopic fungi. There is no exact number as to home many different types of molds exist; however, there are at least 100,000 confirmed specimens. The most common molds found in U.S. homes include Penicillium, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Alternaria, and Stachybotrys. Of these molds, Stachybotrys Chartarum, Aspergillus Versicolor, and Aspergillus niger are potentially hazardous molds that can be injurious to people’s health.


When mold is discovered, most homeowners will spray the area with a mix of bleach and water, wipe it away, and think it’s gone. Sometimes the mold has been eliminated, but not always. Furthermore, there are potential concerns when trying to remove mold on your own. As a Newport Beach, CA mold lawyers, we would like to point out that before mold is removed, it should be identified. After, the cause of the moisture which led to the mold growth should also be determined. If the cause is a result of a leaky faucet, plant watering, or pets, then the elimination of the mold may be enough. It should also be noted that if you choose to remove the mold on your own, you should make sure the spores are not released into the air. Make an effort to ventilate the area and do not inhale it as you clean.

If you have mold allergies or an illness whose conditions could be worsened by mold, you should not remove the mold at all. Another person or an environmental remediation company can be called to help with mold removal.


Stachybotrys Genus Can Be Hazardous

The strain of mold, Stachybotrys genus, is toxic. Anyone with suppressed immune systems, such as those who have an autoimmune disorder, children, or elderly, may be very sensitive to the mold. Extreme precaution should be exercised to avoid exposure. If widespread mold, especially of this strain, is discovered, a remediation company should be called in.

Finally, even if you wipe away mold from a surface, it could still be underneath a carpet, slab, panel, or wall. If this is true, it will likely grow back.


When Mold May Be a Construction Defect

Many people will ask our mold lawyers in Newport Beach, CA about whether or not mold growth is a construction defect. In general, it is now. However, it could be a result of damage that is caused by a construction defect. For example, if a defective roof is causing water to leak into the attic, which then stimulates mold growth, it may be grounds for a construction defect claim.


In another example, a slow plumbing leak underneath a home may release moisture in the area for an extended period of time. This combination is perfect for mold growth and could result in a mold colony that is not visible to the occupants. Once the mold growth is noticed on the interior of the home, it may indicate a very large growth. Self-removal is generally futile. A mold lawyer Newport Beach, CA recommends can be consulted to find out what to do next.


To speak with a mold lawyer Newport Beach families trust for legal counsel and advice, call Terry Mudge, LLP.