Land Use Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

The Role of an Experienced Land Use Lawyer Newport Beach, CA Companies Rely OnLand Use Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

As your company may have already experienced, legislative and regulatory processes can have a significant impact on your firm’s business practices and bottom line, which is why it is beneficial to work with a land use lawyer in Newport Beach, CA. Terry Mudge, LLP focuses on guiding companies, individuals, and trade groups through this often confusing and frustrating experience. A land use lawyer serving Newport Beach, CA has the experience necessary to understand the political and regulatory process and protect our clients’ best interests.


Permitting and Compliance Issues in California

Terry Mudge, LLP handles permitting and compliance issues for our clients who wish to identify and develop new locations, move, or expand current operations. A land use lawyer for Newport Beach, CA is a skilled negotiator who has significant experience interacting with government representatives, zoning boards, and federal agencies that focus on land use issues and environmental concerns. These are the parties that have the power and authority to shut down projects and cause companies expenses that were not initially included in their investment calculations. Our land use lawyer can often anticipate issues before they arise and help clients to take proactive measures to minimize or eliminate additional costs.


Land Use Approvals in California

Acquiring land use approval often requires a combination of public policy skills and long standing relationships with state planning commissioners, city councils, government administrative bodies, and county boards. A Newport Beach, CA land use lawyer is adept at assisting clients in successfully obtaining the necessary permits and land use approvals, even in situations where others had not been able to do so. Our legal team aggressively advocate on behalf of our clients when regulatory or political hurdles threaten the success of a project. There are many types of compliance approvals that can be required for land use approval, and they include the following:

  • Zoning and planning
  • Project entitlements and permits
  • Conditional use permits
  • Variances
  • Development incentives
  • Takings, eminent domain, and inverse condemnation
  • Historical preservation
  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • Redevelopment and adaptive reuse approvals


Zoning, Permits, and Approvals in Newport Beach, CA

Terry Mudge, LLP works closely with the appropriate agency or agencies to ensure that our clients’ proposed land use projects have the appropriate permits, approvals, and are correctly zoned. A land use lawyer in Newport Beach, CA has a thorough understanding of all current land development codes, development regulations, and zoning ordinances. Our legal team also stays up to date on all proposed legislation that could impact a client’s pending land use project. When necessary, our land use lawyer can negotiate easements, development agreements, or licenses on behalf of a client to keep a project viable and on target to meet major milestones.  


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Learn how Terry Mudge, LLP can ease your company through the land use regulatory challenges and other hurdles that might otherwise sideline your project. We offer a free consultation so that we can review your circumstances and share how we may be able to help your company. Call and speak with a land use lawyer serving Newport Beach, CA today to learn why business professionals rely on Terry Mudge, LLP for a successful outcome!