Electrical Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Electrical Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Electrical Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CAAs an electrical defects lawyer Newport Beach, California residents can rely on, we know that many things can go wrong during the building and construction of a home or structure. Some of these mistakes will not be seriously however, others can have disastrous consequences if they go unnoticed or taken care of. Part of construction defects include defects in the electrical design and installation. In fact, defective electrical wiring is the leading cause of fires in the United States. Our electrical defects lawyers in Newport Beach, CA believe that safety should be a priority; therefore, if you have experienced this type of error in your home, we would like to talk to you about filing a claim against the construction contractor, developer, or previous owner.


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The Most Common Reasons for an Electrical Defect

Non Compliance with the National Electrical Code

If you find out your house is noncompliant with the U.S. National Electrical Code, you might wonder what this really means. Examples of non-compliance may be found directly in the plans drawn up by the electrical engineer. Other times, the installation of electrical wiring may have not matched the engineers’ plans. Finding out whether or not your home is compliant with the electrical codes is not always easy; however, the least invasive way to do so is to check your home’s breaker box and circuits.


Review them and ensure the GFI outlets are in their correct places. If this is not enough, you can carefully remove the switch plates on walls to see if you notice any visible defects. It is very important you understand what you are doing before checking for compliance. You should turn off your electricity before getting started and, if you are at all unsure, please call a professional electrician.

Improper Faulty Breaker Box or Poorly Designed Circuitry

Every electrical circuit installed into a home or building must be able to sustain so many appliances and electrical devices. For this reason, the electrical loads in the premise must be equally distributed into the circuits that are attached to the breaker box. If this is done wrong, or is otherwise poorly designed, it could put too much strain on a single circuit. This could result in having to make frequent visits to the breaker box to switch on the circuit. The real danger presented is a circuit overload. If the breaker box is not tripped to turn off, wiring within the home could catch fire.


As an electrical defects lawyer Newport Beach, CA has to offer we would recommend you observe the breaker box to determine whether or not there could be an electrical defect. If you don’t know how to verify whether or not there exists the right number of circuits in the box, you should call a licensed electrician.

Poor Grounding

It is mandatory that a building’s electrical wires are grounded. This means that, when properly designed, the ground wire will lead back into the neutral electrical point which is located in the central electricity panel. Determining whether or not your house is properly grounded is not always easy. One way you might be able to tell is if you are often getting shocked when you use electrical devices.


If you believe your house or building has an electrical defect, please call an electrical defects lawyer Newport Beach, CA offers today.