Design Liability Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Design Liability Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Design Liability Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

When our design liability lawyer at Terry Mudge, LLP is called upon to help homeowners in Newport Beach, California, it is often when construction has already been completed and a serious problem has emerged. The homeowners may be on the verge of being forced from a new but condemned home or have already been forced out of their “dream home” due to safety concerns. All too often the parties responsible for the problems deny that they are liable as the costs involved are prohibitively expensive. As a result, the homeowners may be facing an uphill battle on their own.


The good news is that Terry Mudge, LLP has successfully handled many cases like these, and our design liability lawyer in Newport Beach, CA may be able to help you as well. Give us a call and request a no-obligation free consultation to discuss the details of your situation. Learn more about your rights as homeowners and how we might be able to resolve your current nightmare.


Common Causes of Design and Construction Defects

Before a house can be properly constructed, it must be designed. It is expected that architects and similar designers have the training and experience needed to perform their job correctly. Any flaws introduced by them into the design will likely be carried out by the builder’s construction crews. Therefore, the design must take many factors into consideration. When our Newport Beach, CA design liability lawyer takes a case, he will determine (sometimes with the help of industry experts) the nature of the defect and where it originated. This is an incomplete list of the many ways in which a serious or even catastrophic design flaw may be introduced into a home in the earliest stages of construction:


  • Poor site selection
  • Insufficient or no soil analysis
  • Improper soil preparation in advance of foundation construction
  • Civil and/or structural engineering mistakes
  • Substandard construction
  • Specification of building materials that turn out to be defective or of poor quality


Common Types of Design and Construction Defects

Many types of problems begin developing out of sight of the homeowner and so they are not evident until they reach a level of magnitude that causes them to be significant upon discovery. And sometimes, the exact nature of the problem is not identified until our Newport Beach, CA design liability lawyer comes into the picture and inspects the home. With an experienced and objective eye, along with the occasional assistance of a design and construction expert, our lawyer may identify one or more of the following issues:


  • Mold
  • Water leaks and/or poor drainage
  • Dry rot of woodwork
  • Foundation cracks, failures
  • Framing defects evident in the flooring, walls, and/or roofing
  • Electrical work that is not up to code
  • Poorly designed heating system
  • Landscaping issues and or/poor soil
  • Structural issues that significantly impact the building’s integrity


When You Need a Newport Beach, CA Design Liability Lawyer

If you have recently discovered that your home suffers from a serious design flaw, contact our design liability lawyer Newport Beach, CA residents turn to for a free consultation.