Construction Lawyers In Newport Beach, CA

Construction Lawyers Newport Beach, CA

Should I enlist the help of construction lawyers in Newport Beach, CA?

Construction Lawyers Newport Beach, CANewport Beach, California has long been a popular location for new and established homeowners but on occasion, things go wrong and it may be necessary to call upon construction lawyers to make things right. Not every construction company is reliable or honest, and due to the ever-growing demand for new and expanded homes, too many disreputable companies are still in business. Even on occasions where honest mistakes happened, the cost to the builder to repair or rebuild is so prohibitive to their bottom dollar that they will deny liability.

Rather than getting stuck with a defective and possibly dangerous home, or paying for the repairs themselves, homeowners have the option of calling upon our construction lawyers in Newport Beach, CA. We encourage you to call us to find out if we can help you too. In the meantime, below are answers to some very common questions regarding defective construction practices.

Question: What kind of construction damages can I recover from the liable company?

Answer: This will depend based on the nature of the damage or defect. As a general rule, one of our construction lawyers in Newport Beach, CA will determine the cost of the needed repairs or replacement and possibly the decline in value of your home, if applicable. Because each case is different, the following damages are also recoverable if they apply:

  • The loss and inconvenience of living in the home while the issues are addressed. This might include the costs of a hotel room and associated damages.
  • Court costs if a civil suit becomes necessary. Our construction lawyers will make every effort to avoid this as a trial in Newport Beach, CA can be costly, frustrating, and time-consuming.
  • Attorney’s fees if this is specified in the contract with the construction company.
  • Personal injury damages if anyone was hurt as a direct cause of the construction defect.
  • Punitive damages if the court determines that the construction company acted in an intentional and reckless way that put you in harm’s way or resulted in harm to you. As our construction lawyers may tell you, being awarded punitive damages in Newport Beach, CA are highly unusual.

Question: Who will pay me for my damages?

Answer: When our real estate lawyer Newport Beach, CA file a claim with the company, they will forward it to their insurance carrier. After we negotiate a settlement on your behalf, our fees will come out of the amount we recover, and you will receive the remainder. Note that there may be one or more responsible parties. It may be the construction company, the general contractor, the developer, architect, designer, and/or a subcontractor.

Do Not Delay in Contacting Us

The State of California has established a statute of limitations for filing claims of this nature. It’s important that you initiate your claim before the deadline runs out. Contact Terry Mudge, LLP and request a free consultation with one of our skilled construction lawyers Newport Beach, CA residents recommend who will review your case and offer invaluable guidance.