Construction Defect Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Construction Defect Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Construction Defect Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

It’s an unfortunate fact that, despite hiring what homeowners believe is an honest builder, in the end, they are paying for problems and shoddy workmanship. In fact, our construction defect lawyers serving Newport Beach, California at Terry Mudge, LLP have seen firsthand how significant and costly this can be for homeowners. Thankfully, in many cases, the buyers can seek legal recourse and recover their damages from the builder and other negligent parties. With the assistance of an experienced construction defect lawyer in Newport Beach, CA from our firm, you too may be able to get justice for all your repair or replacement costs as well as emotional suffering. The emotional toll that the homeowners may suffer as a result of significant construction defects deserves to be considered. Call Terry Mudge, LLP today to learn how we can help you get the justice you deserve.

At Terry Mudge, LLP, construction defect lawyers for Newport Beach, CA represent owners who purchased single family homes, condos, townhomes, or other types of multi-family housing units. We also represent religious institutions, non-profit organizations, commercial business owners, hotels and motels, as well as homeowner associations.

Construction Defect Litigation

As our Newport Beach, CA construction defect lawyers might explain to you, construction defect litigation crosses over several areas of the law. It often includes warranty law which in itself crosses over into negligence law. Because of the potential for conflicts, it can be difficult to file a claim that meets all applicable requirements. The team at Terry Mudge, LLP, has a thorough understanding of all applicable laws, and in the process, we protect the rights of our clients to recover their damages. Our professional network includes forensic engineers who are construction experts. They can provide the evidence and testimony that underscores the claims we file on behalf of our clients.

Common Examples of Construction Defects

There are many types of construction defects that cause significant and costly problems for homeowners. What you are experiencing may be typical or it may be unusual. In either scenario, our accomplished California construction defect lawyers can fight aggressively on your behalf. Here are some of the most common examples of construction defects:

  • Sub-par construction using cheap materials, cutting corners, taking shortcuts that lead to catastrophic results.
  • Building code violations.
  • Water intrusion and resulting damage.
  • Foundation damage or failings.
  • Defective construction materials.
  • Shoddy roof construction.
  • Soil movement, erosion, or settlement.
  • Water and/or fire damage.
  • Failure to disclose actions or information that is detrimental to the property’s value.
  • Negligent repairs or remodels.
  • Construction disputes with a homeowners association due to the contractor’s actions.
  • Faulty electrical wiring.

When is it a good idea to hire a construction defect lawyer in Newport Beach, CA?

A construction defect in Newport Beach, California can have serious consequences, serious enough that the homeowner should consider hiring a construction defect lawyer. Terry Mudge, LLP represents homeowners who are suffering from the effects of sub-standard construction and which has significantly impacted their lives. Construction defects may involve major structural and aesthetic issues that can render a home unsafe to be in and heartbreakingly ugly.

When the defects include major code violations, the family may be forced out of their home forever through no fault of their own. If you have learned that your home has a serious construction defect, contact our Newport Beach, CA office to speak with a seasoned construction defect lawyer. We do not charge for the initial consultation which offers the opportunity to review a homeowner’s circumstances and determine how we might be of assistance. Below are answers to some of the most common questions our construction defect lawyers receive from residents in Newport Beach, CA:

Question: What is considered a construction defect?

Answer: A construction defect represents an issue within the home that is usually the result of careless building techniques or substandard material. Depending on the nature of the defect, it can be of a cosmetic nature or one that calls into question the structural integrity of the home. Though construction defects are not always initially apparent, some will greatly reduce the value of the home and may require the intervention of a construction defect lawyer to protect the rights of the Newport Beach, CA homeowner.

Question: How does a construction defect lawyer prove liability in Newport Beach, CA?

Answer: This varies, based primarily on the nature of the defect. When a construction defect is visually obvious it is referred to as a “patent defect.” Some defects, even serious ones, are not visible to the eye on casual or serious inspect and may not become obvious until years after construction is completed. That type of defect is referred to as “latent.” When our construction defect lawyer in Newport Beach, CA, it is sometimes necessary to call upon building and construction experts. After such an expert examines the home for defects, they can identify the likely causes as well as recommend the most cost-efficient approach to addressing them. Based on their analysis and the going rates in the Newport Beach, CA area, our construction defect lawyer will then seek compensation from the builder (or another responsible party) on behalf of the homeowner.

Protect Your Rights: Call a Construction Defect Lawyer in Newport Beach, CA

It’s a sad but common story: a family invests everything they have into their dream home but it turns into a nightmare when they discover it suffers from one or more serious construction defects. All too often the builder or other liable parties refuse to take responsibility for the problems they caused. Where can the victimized homeowners turn to for help?

If you or your organization purchased a building or property that is defective, you may qualify for compensation from the at-fault party to reimburse your losses. Losses often include the cost of repairs, replacement, related costs as well as mental anguish. To learn if you qualify for a settlement to recover your damages, contact us at Terry Mudge, LLP today. We offer a free initial consultation with a construction defect lawyer Newport Beach, CA residents trust, so call today!