Building Code Violation Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Building Code Violation Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Building Code Violation Lawyer Newport Beach, CABuilding code violations are very serious. If you have been cited with a building violation, you may want to consult a building code violation lawyer Newport Beach, California has to offer as soon as possible.


Get Back into Compliance with the Law

These types of violations can be costly, time-consuming, and frustrating to handle on your own. Let a Newport Beach, CA building code violation lawyer from Terry Mudge, LLP deal with the city so you can focus on your business operation. Guided by decades of experience, we know how to get building code violations dismissed and/or get you enough time to address and fix them without facing continuous fines and burdens. Even if you’ve already paid your fine to the city, you will still have a violation which means it must be fixed. In due time, you can expect an inspector to come to your building; if you have not fixed the violation, you will almost certainly be fined again.


Regardless of what type of violation you have been cited with, you should have an experienced building code violation lawyer in Newport Beach on your side to help you resolve this serious matter. Turn to Terry Mudge, LLP for guidance and advice.


Potential Penalties of a Building Code Violation

As a Newport Beach, CA building code violation lawyer might explain to you, these matters should not be taken lightly. Potential penalties could include:

  • Large fines
  • License suspension
  • License revocation
  • Closing of the building


Building code violations could also make injuries on the premise more likely. Should an injury occur because of a violation you knew about and did not address, you could also face a lawsuit.


In the event of a violation notice, our building code violation law firm will do our best to minimize your penalties and help your business operations to continue.


Our Firm Has Successfully:

  • Settled violations for a business owner whose license was revoked. The outcome involves having their license reinstated.
  • Negotiated with the city to rescind a stop order.
  • Helped a client to retain new permits for a factory conversion to a store.


Common Defenses to Newport Beach Building Code Violations

A Newport Beach building code violation lawyer may utilize a broad range of defenses depending on the circumstances of the case. Examples of defenses include, but are not limited to:

  • The alleged violation did not exist at the time of the inspection that resulted in the notice.
  • At the time of the hearing regarding the violation, the violation has been remedied, resolved, or removed.
  • The violation was caused by current occupants or recent occupants who have recently been evicted.
  • The building owner attempted to fix the violation, but was refused entry into the building by the occupants.


Professional License Violations

Our law firm also handles cases that involve professional license violations that are regulated by the state or federal government and private organizations.

For Help With Your Building Code Violation Matter, Call Terry Mudge, LLP

If you have recently been cited for a building code violation, or have a related legal problem, our building code violation lawyer Newport Beach business owners trust can help you to find the best solution. Call Terry Mudge, LLP now.