Balcony Construction Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Balcony Construction Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CA

Balcony Construction Defects Lawyer Newport Beach, CAIf your house or building is experiencing construction defects, moisture problems, or structural instability on a deck or balcony, you should consult a balcony construction defects lawyer Newport Beach, California has to offer to explore your legal rights and options.


Decks and balconies are a popular addition to apartments, condominiums, houses, and other structures. They offer usable outdoor space which is enjoyed by most occupants. However, this feature of a building can be marred by construction defects. Not only could a balcony or deck defect limit your use and enjoyment of the area, but it might also pose a hazardous risk. As a balcony construction defects lawyer in Newport Beach, CA, we would advise anyone to speak with a lawyer if they suspect defective construction.


Balconies and Deck Defects

Construction defects that tend to be associated with decks or balconies can vary. Some defects result in water intrusion causing damage to the exterior or interior of the structure. Others may create an environmental hazard by causing mildew or mold growth that could be harmful to the occupants’ health. In some cases, the balcony or deck could be structurally unsound. As a balcony construction defects lawyer Newport Beach, CA relies on, we have handled cases that have involved:

  • Failure to properly slope the balcony or deck
  • Failure to properly ensure the area is waterproofed, especially from the interior of the building
  • Failure to install or seal drains
  • Improper construction connection of the deck to the structure
  • Poor construction material
  • Improper nailing


A Defective Balcony or Deck Can Cause Injury

Defective balconies or decks commonly cause structural damage; however, if this damage shifts over time, it is possible that it can become unsafe to use. For example, if the balcony is high above the ground and it collapses with a person on it, the risk of death is high. If an injury or fatality does result from this type of defect, and it can be proven the owner knew about it, they could face a lawsuit.


Contact a Balcony Construction Defects Lawyer in Newport Beach, CA

Located in Newport Beach, Terry Mudge, LLP has been assisting people deal with a broad range of construction defects for years. We understand the relevant laws, procedures, and case precedents, and are ready to help you overcome this challenge.


Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, contractor, or investor, if you believe your structures balcony is defective or unsafe, we encourage you to give us a call to find out what your legal options may be. Keep in mind that homeowners insurance typically does not cover damages that may be associated with construction defects. This means that you will need to file a lawsuit against the original developer or contractor. Before you can do that, you’ll need to prove this party was at fault. This can take copious amounts of time, knowledge, and skill; of which a good lawyer should possess.


To schedule a free case review with a balcony construction defects lawyer Newport Beach, CA provides, please call Terry Mudge, LLP.